Budapesti Ingatlan Nyrt. (SZIT/REIT)*, (BIF Nyrt. (SZIT/REIT)*) has been an important player of the real estate market of Budapest for more than 25 years. BIF Nyrt. (SZIT/REIT)* was among the first companies in Mid Eastern Europe to obtain the status of a real estate investment trust (REIT). BIF Nyrt. (SZIT/REIT)* has been listed in the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) since 1998. Its shares have been traded in premium category since October 2018. BIF Nyrt. (SZIT/REIT)* enjoys a fundamental and preferential status among the real estate development companies on account of its portfolio, consisting of special and strategic buildings acquired during the last twenty years. This portfolio is managed and operated by BIF Nyrt. (SZIT/REIT)* to ensure flawless business. The buildings are located in the most central points of Budapest, including several office and hotel buildings with historical significance, but BIF Nyrt. (SZIT/REIT)*’s activity also extends to the rehabilitation and development of entire districts. Its strategy is rooted in leveraging the potentials inherent in its existing portfolio, the highly efficient management of the buildings, and exploring acquisition opportunities which may contribute to strengthening its position in the market. The purpose is to develop buildings with lasting value, to serve the tenants and commercial partners to their satisfaction, while keeping the shareholders’ interest always in focus.

* Budapesti Ingatlan Nyrt. has been considered as a Regulated Real Estate Investment Company according to the Act CII of 2011 on Regulated Real Estate Investment Companies with effect from 31 December 2018 which is the Hungarian counterpart to the REIT-s known from foreign legal systems.